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Start From Scratch - have your first book published in a day, and business basics set in a week. | taught by Robert C. Worstell
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Robert C. Worstell
Robert C. Worstell

About the instructor

Author of over three dozen books, and publisher of over a thousand, Dr. Worstell achieved financial freedom from self-publishing - and wants to help you achieve your goals by writing and publishing.

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Learn the tested and proved simple steps to get your books written and published.

  • Based on 5 years of research, this simple course boils down the essence of writing and publishing.
  • Learn the truth behind the lies most authors hear that keep them from success. 
  • You can write and publish for free, starting today. Your first book can take you as little as a half-hour to publish from scratch. At no cost.
  • Join the authors who know just how simple, fast, and inexpensive self-publishing is.
  • And your next books will just get better...
  • Set up your own writing-publishing business to succeed, so you can start earning residual passive income starting with your first book.

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Course Contents

1 Text
9 PDFs
9 Audios
4.0 hrs