Backwards Book Publishing - beta

How to produce your books in reverse: Save time, earn more income, and work less. | taught by Robert C. Worstell
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Robert C. Worstell
Robert C. Worstell

About the instructor

Author of over three dozen books, and publisher of over a thousand, Dr. Worstell achieved financial freedom from self-publishing - and wants to help you achieve your goals by writing and publishing.

A course to teach you how to publish and launch courses. This course was built from a book backwards. Although it's taken me 6 months to get around to building the course itself, that only took me the better part of an afternoon. Because everything else was already in place.

It is just that simple. Just begin with the end - the course - in mind...

Ready to learn how? 

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Course Contents

1 Video
3 Texts
4 PDFs
7 Audios
4.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Does This Book Publishing Model Actually Work? (Part 2)
4 Simple Author Models to Use For Your Ultimate Success
Self-Publishing Secrets Every Author Should Know
The Beginner’s Book Launch – How to Survive and Prosper
Hub and Spoke Marketing For Books
The Math of a Backwards Book - How Authors Create Courses, Part 3
Revelation – Why Courses Now Come First