Becoming A Writer - Beta

Learn the Writer's Magic. Train Your Own Native Talent and Abilities. | taught by Robert C. Worstell
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Robert C. Worstell
Robert C. Worstell

About the instructor

Author of over three dozen books, and publisher of over a thousand, Dr. Worstell achieved financial freedom from self-publishing - and wants to help you achieve your goals by writing and publishing.

There is a Writer's Magic. it's known and understood by those tho have mastered the inner game, not the technical details. You have to fully know yourself to use the Magic within and the techniques without.

Course Contents

16 Audios

Course Curriculum

The Four Difficulties
What Writers Are Like
The Advantages of Duplicity
Interlude: On Taking Advice
Harnessing the Unconscious
The First Survey
The Critic at Work on Himself
Reading as a Writer
Learning to See Again
The Source of Originality
The Writer's Recreation
The Practice Story
The Great Discovery
The Third Person, Genius
The Writer's Magic